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Pass the Theory and Hazard Perception Tests FIRST TIME


One to One training using online Face-to-Face Video calling (e.g. Zoom)


Personal coaching to help you understand how to pass the Theory Test.




  • How the tests work

  • How to plan the time you have and answer all the questions

  • What to look for in the Hazard Perception Clips


Feel confident and prepared

Save money and time by passing FIRST TIME

Full explanations of questions you're not sure about, so you fully understand what's being asked

Patient 1-2-1 tuition for people of all abilities & tailored to YOU

Many people find it takes numerous attempts to pass their Theory & Hazard Perception Tests. The two tests have to be passed at the same time, so if you fail one of them, you have to go and re-take them both again. This will cause a delay being able to book your practical test, which you may be ready for - you can't book your practical test until you have successfully passed the Theory & Hazard Pertception tests!


Imagine having to pay again, and take the time to go to the test centre again, taking time off work or school again, which will include the hour and a half testing time.


You will have to answer 50 questions covering 14 categories in 57 minutes. Although there are sample questions available to practice on, the actual questions used on the test are not published. You must get at least 43 questions correct.


During the One-to-One sessions you will learn the subjects and understand them so the questions are easy and obvious to answer.

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